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Weight Loss Resources Kit

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Everything you need to get started losing weight - the all new Weight Loss Resources kit is back for 2019!

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Full product description

Product Description

Within a few days of starting to use your Weight Loss Resources Kit you'll have learned a great deal about your eating habits and how they affect your weight. You will develop an awareness that will make changing some of those habits very compelling!

Knowledge is power, because it provides the foundation of which good decisions are made. Using the Weight Loss Resources kits will give you the knowledge you need to lose weight and stay slim for the rest of your life.

The Weight Loss Resources kit bag contains:

Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible 2020

The Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible 2022

RRP £19.99

The UK's Most Comprehensive Calorie Counter - lists nutrition information for over 20,000 foods, here's where you look up how many calories are in the things you eat and drink.

Tables and Charts Booklet

Tables and Charts Booklet

RRP £3.99

In here you'll find the reference material to set a weight loss goal, see how many calories you need each day to lose weight at your chosen rate and look up how many calories you use in exercise.

Food and Exercise Daily Diary

Food and Exercise Daily Diary

RRP £7.99

Change your eating habits with the 12 week Food and Exercise Diary. Use this to record everything you eat and drink in a day, and any exercise you take. It will help you stick to your calorie allowance and show you how to make healthier choices in the future. 

Ideas and Favourites

Ideas and Favourites

An A-Z index for jotting down calorie values of foods and drinks you have frequently - for easy reference when completing your food diary.

Recipes and Combinations

Recipes and Combinations

Use this to calorie count your favourite recipes and food combinations - for example a regular breakfast combination, to save time when completing your food diary.

Goals and Results Pad

Goals and Results Pad

This is where you summarise how you have done over a period of a week - summarising calorie balance and weight loss, maintenance, or gain.

Results Graph

Results Graph x 2

A great motivator - here's where you record your weight, week by week. It's very satisfying to see a downward line emerging!

Tape Measure

Tape Measure & Pen

Great for tracking those vital measurements along the way!

Kit Bag

Kit Bag

Everything comes neatly packed in its own bag.

Guide to Losing Weight

Features step by step instructions, hints and tips to get you started losing weight.