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Recipe Book & Calorie Bible Value Offer

Get a whopping 30% discount with this great value pack. You get everything you need to start making informed decisions about what you are eating and what you are buying.

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Product Description

Fad Free Recipe Book

Our recipes are real food – the sort of thing that is quick and easy to put together with ingredients that you’ll find easy to get hold of and prepare.  There’s no 5:2, no juicing, no detoxing and definitely no cabbage soup – and if you want to eat like a caveman on a paleo diet then you’ll not find any raw food, nuts or foraged berries here.
So go on, have a go and see just how simple it is to lose weight with our fad free (and faff free) recipes.

Calorie Carb and Fat Bible

Top Dietitians Juliette Kellow BSc RD and Lyndel Costain BSc RD spill the beans on fad diets and give you the know-how and strategies needed to lose weight and keep it off. Tables and charts show you how many calories you need, how many extra you burn during exercise, your body mass index and healthy weight range.

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